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Baptism and profession of faith

Baptism is a sign that symbolically marks someone's entry into the community of faith, the church. In baptism, someone is marked with the promise of God's unconditional, abiding and reconciling love. They become part of a new whānau: te whānau a te Karaiti (the family of Christ). They become earthed in a new whakapapa: the whakapapa of the church, of the risen Jesus, in whom everything is connected.

Baptism involves water. With babies and young children, it typically involves sprinkling. With adults it often involves the pouring of water or the submersion beneath water. The submersion beneath water is symbolic of dying and rising again with Jesus. His resurrection from the dead has kickstarted the new birth of all heaven and earth. When someone is baptised, the Holy Spirit makes the big truth of Jesus, personally and intimately true for the person being baptized. They are personally and totally drawn, body and soul, into God's work of renewal.

Baptism is accompanied by a personal profession of faith in the God revealed in Jesus Christ. Such a profession is an invitation into a new way of seeing reality. We all tell stories to make sense of our human existence. The profession of faith places out the key markers of God's story in the Bible, which help believers to orient their own lives. Our participation in God's story, doesn't mean we stop asking questions. Like any good story, the story of God invites us into a world in which we can ask questions, doubt, explore, navigate, and come to a deeper understanding of who we are.

One is baptised in the name of the Triune God into the one, universal church. If you have been baptised, whether in the Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian or some other tradition, you don't need to be baptised again. However, if you were baptized as a baby, you may not have had the chance to publicly affirm your baptism and profess your faith. If you would like to explore baptism, or if you have been baptised and would like to profess your faith, please contact our interim ministers


If you are interested in becoming members at Knox, you can also contact one of our interim ministers.


Children are a gift. Jesus welcomed children and all are invited to have a "childlike" faith. In learning to have a childlike faith, we don't just minister to children. Children minister to us. We minister together as we learn to see Jesus in one another. Our hope is that children will find Knox to be a warm and welcoming place where they can be themselves. We encourage them to explore and to participate in the mystery of faith through sight, sound, and touch.

As part of the morning service, children are welcome to participate in our children's ministry programme. During term time, the children gather together to pray, hear Bible stories, and explore faith in a hands-on way. We have a capable team that lead the programme. Children's ministry leaders are expected to have an up to date police check and to have completed (or be working towards) the "Warrant of Fitness" ethics programme.


In accordance with the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand's Child Protection Policy, we also have a Child Protection Officer. If you have a concern or a complaint regarding the behaviour of one of our ministry team, you can contact our Child Protection Officer.

Children & Families
Knox Choir

The worship and communal life of Knox is greatly enriched by its lively choral music tradition. We have two choirs which sing regularly during Sunday worship and at other special events: the Adult Choir and the Junior Choristers.

The Knox Choir

The Adult Choir sings every Sunday during school term time. It practises weekly on Wednesday evenings. Being part of the choir is a great way to develop musicianship, discipline, confidence and teamwork. Even more than that, it is a warm intergenerational community with a varied group of choristers who love to sing beautiful music together.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Knox Choir, contact our Choir Director, Karen Knudson.

Junior Choristers

The Junior Choristers sing during Sunday worship approximately once a month. They meet on Wednesday evenings during term time and, alongside preparing pieces for worship, also learn music theory. A number of choristers choose to work towards Royal School of Music badges.

If your child is interested in becoming a Junior Chorister, contact Sara Brown.

Music Scholarships

The Knox Church Choir offers singing and organ playing scholarships, which are awarded annually to younger choristers enabling them to receive additional tuition.

Become a friend of the Knox Choir

The Knox Church Choir receives little direct funding and is dependent upon its ability to raise money to open up more opportunities for younger choristers to build their musical education and enable members of the wider community to enjoy fine music and be involved in ‘choir life’.

We warmly welcome new "friends of the choir" who offer an annual koha to resource the life of the choir and invest in its junior choristers. If you would like to find out more, please email

Young Adults & Students

The Knox Young Adults' Group consists of young adults (18-35), including students. The group meets regularly for discussions about faith, prayer, and bible study. There are also regular social events, such as board game evenings. Often a study series' will only have a duration of 5 or 6 weeks, so you have the opportunity to be involved as your study or work schedule allows. Contact the office for more information, or join the Knox Young Adults' facebook group.

There are plenty of opportunities for getting involved in the life of the wider community. We encourage intergenerational involvement and connection. Young adults are involved in almost every aspect of Knox's life, from Church Council to the pastoral care team; from serving morning tea to participating in Knox's outreach committee; from counting the offering to singing in the choir or playing guitar. There are many ways to be involved to meet your gifts and availability.

Student Christian Movement Otago

If you are a student, there are many excellent faith groups active on campus with a range of different flavours. Knox has a close connection with the Student Christian Movement Otago. SCM is the oldest student Christian group in Aotearoa New Zealand (founded in 1896!). It tends to have a focus on social issues such as discussing Treaty issues, rainbow theology, and creation care. To find out more, visit their facebook page

Young Adult

Currently, we don't have a weekly youth programme, but we look to organise social events and opportunities to serve and be involved at Knox. We try to ensure that every young person has at least one mentor that can journey along them and encourage them in their faith journey.

For more information about youth ministry, you can contact Vanessa Sinclair or Ollie Alexander.

Small Groups

Small groups provide the opportunity for fellowship, mutual care, prayer and bible study. There are a range of small group options at Knox. A couple meet on ongoing basis. Others just gather for a particular series. For instance, small groups are often formed during the season of Lent (the 40 days leading up to Easter). 

Eating Together

Once a month, a group get together to enjoy kai from one of Dunedin's fine eateries and enjoy fellowship. The eating together group is an open invite. Contact the Knox office for information about the next outing.

Walking Together

Once a month, a group get together to explore the sights of Dunedin and enjoy fellowship. The walking together group is an open invite. Contact the Knox office for information about the next outing.

Upcoming studies

We often have short study series during a season of the church year (typically Lent and Advent). Keep an eye on our notices for the latest information.

Small Groups
Pastoral Care

We have a dedicated network of pastoral visitors at Knox. If you would like a visitor please contact the Knox Office.

Involvement in Worship & Latest Roster

There are many ways to be involved in worship. Offering prayers of intercession. Reading scripture. Operating the audiovisual equipment. Arranging flowers. Welcoming people at the door. Ringing the bell. Counting the offering. Leading music. Singing in the choir. The list goes on. Contact the minister to explore ways of being involved.

For the latest roster, please refer to our weekly notices or email the church office. If you need to pull out of a duty last minute, please contact Kerry or Jordan.


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