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Weddings and Special Services

Knox is thrilled at being able to host and provide wedding services. The decision to marry is one of the most significant decisions a person will make.


Within the world-wide Christian movement, Knox is part of a two thousand year heritage of helping people enter into life-long, deep and loving relationships. Our ministers have been trained in understanding and celebrating marriage and bring that learning and skill to engaging with couples. Love is at the centre of Jesus’ message. God loves every human person and give us God’s Spirit so we can offer ourselves to each other in total commitment. In a service of marriage we celebrate God’s love. Marriage is not primarily a legal or contractual matter. We call it a “covenant”, a deep encompassing relationship that involves all we are and have. We seek to support people in embarking on a wonderful and challenging journey. Knox Church offers a community of faith to support couples to live out their marriage, a minister trained in celebrating marriage and a series of consultations to prepare for marriage.



Meeting with a Minister

The first step is to contact the Church Office, to arrange a meeting with one of the ministers. One of them will meet with you to talk through what you are seeking. Sometimes couples wish to involve another celebrant or minister. That needs to be talked through with one of the Knox ministers. If another minister is to lead the service, not all of what follows will apply. If you seek a Knox minister to lead the wedding service, one of them will meet with you a number of times to discuss aspects of marriage with a view to establishing patterns of relating that are deep and enduring.

The Ceremony

At a certain point, there will be discussion about the shape of the service. There are many possibilities which a Knox minister can explore with you. Knox Church is a community seeking to follow Jesus so the service will need to reflect this commitment in some way. A marriage service is a service of worship, directed towards God. It enables couples to offer their relationship to God and be blessed by God.


The couple can work with one of the Knox ministers in shaping that service. Knox has a sound system and recording equipment that can be used. There is a camera with live-streaming capabilities. The Knox organist can assist with music. Knox can also assist in providing a flower arrangement. There are other possibilities, including for suggested koha. All relevant information is included in a leaflet available from the Office Secretary.


Knox can also offer a blessing of marriage.

Special Services

Other special services can be held at Knox including funerals, memorials, graduations, thanksgiving services, inaugurations, and anniversaries. Please contact the Church office for more information or one of the interim ministers.

Get in Touch

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Phone: 034770229

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